It Matters - or, One Reason I Go to Meetings

Last night was Book Group. Book Group is at my house once a month and I love it. I have an awesome group of friends and they all understand that book group has very little, if anything, to do with the books. Love them all. Sometimes they bring treats, sometimes they don't. Sometimes I make treats, sometimes I don't.

But, last night almost every single person brought treats! It must be the chilly fall weather that inspired us all to bake because two people baked banana bread, somebody brought brownies - oh, somebody brought fruit. Weird. Anyhow, the brownies tempted me. I didn't have the points for a brownie. But a little thought came into my head. The thought was, "One brownie doesn't really matter. One brownie won't make a difference in your weight loss. It's just one brownie."

Suddenly, I was back at my WW meeting last week. My leader had mentioned a friend of hers who had lost weight on WW and her motto had been, "It matters." I thought, at the time, that motto was kinda weird. I mean, of course it matters if I lose weight. I really want to lose weight. Of course it matters what I eat, duh.

Ahem. Well, apparently the little voice in my head has been telling me for some time that it doesn't really matter what I eat. But it does. It matters. Even one little brownie. And so, I didn't eat it. I ate some delicious (FREE) plums, fresh off a dear friend's tree. I really hope I lose weight when I step on that scale tomorrow, but if I don't I still had a nsv* this week!

*nsv = non scale victory


m3kp said...

BRAVO sticker for you, Whit!

Whit said...


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