Hello all you Weight Watchers out there! I'm Megan and so excited that Whit has invited me to blog along with her on my weight loss journey. This is officially my fourth time to join WW. The first time was after I had my third baby and I was very successful in the loss department. At a 50 pound loss I was 5 away from my goal when I found out I was expecting #4. With that pregnancy I gave myself a little too much license to enjoy all the things I felt I had "deprived" myself from and gained back every single pound. Right after I delivered I went back to WW but had a hard time focusing with the right mindset. I had discovered ways to cheat and still lose before so I went in with the wrong attitude. The result was no loss. We moved after my hubby finished school and I joined up again online but found that I needed the weekly accountability of weighing in.

This brings me to where I am now. One more baby and a new attitude brought me back to where I know I will succeed. I've tried hcg, Flat Belly, Dr. Phil, South Beach.....I would lose between 5 and ten pounds but then lose momentum. I've realized that I keep getting on The Wagon which ineveitable caused me to fall off of it.

What Wagon, you ask? Why the Diet Wagon, of course. This is something my WW leader has talked about a lot lately. You see, WW is not designed to be a diet. It's a lifestyle. And if you join with the attitude that you are starting another diet, then you are virtually hopping on the Diet Wagon which is a short, temporary ride. But if you don't get on the wagon, then you are making the lifestyle change you need to reach your weight loss goal.


Whit said...

LOVE this post. I can relate to starting over. We can do this! It IS a lifestyle change and I feel comfortable doing this forever. :)

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