Five Pound Star

Two weeks OP, 5 pounds down. That means I only lost .4 this week which isn't great. But, it's a loss so I'll take it. It was a points plus week and I definitely feel the difference from the simply filling week. Back on SF this week to stay!


Twinmomwv said...

I wonder if I should try SF. With all the extra points I get for nursing I have a hard time fitting them all in and not use them on empty calorie foods.

Whit said...

Oooh, you should! I LOVE it! When are you going to blog on here? :D

Twinmomwv said...

One of my kids broke my laptop last week so I need to have my hubby bring one from his office so I can write up some posts. I was in Denver this weekend for TOFW so it may take a couple days for me to get my house put back together. I think everyone's dressers exploded while I was gone!

Whit said...

I'm looking forward to your posts!

When my daughter was younger it was BEADS. Everywhere. I still kinda hate beads. lol

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