Holy Hot Chocolate, Batman!

I don't know about you, but sometimes I really struggle with getting in my dairy. I have to have 3 servings because I am post-hysterectomy (surgical menopause)... I love milk, but not skim and since I'm doing SFT, I don't want to count additional points for milk.

I brought this up at a meeting last week and one of my fellow WW friends suggested this amazing hot chocolate. Diet Swiss Miss (1p+ for TWO packet) - NOT sugar free (which is 2p+ per packet). In fact, you can add fat free Cool Whip to it and it is still under 1 point for two packets. Because it is only 6oz of water to each packet of hot chocolate, I always use two packets. I can't believe I can have delicious hot chocolate every day and get TWO servings of dairy, luscious chocolaty goodness and all for only 1p+ ... I love going to meetings and learning awesome tips like this one.


Twinmomwv said...

I think no hot chocolate is going to be the hardest part of no-dairy for me this winter! I'm trying to make do with instant sugar-free apple cider

Whit said...

Oh, I forgot... Still no dairy for you. :(

I'll drink a cup of cocoa for you!

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