We all scream for ICE CREAM!

There's a quote on the Weight Watcher website right now that says, "Nobody ever got fat eating bananas." SO true! I got fat eating ice cream!

In the month since I started Weight Watchers I have lost just over 7 pounds and I have eaten a lot of bananas. However, I have also eaten a lot of ice cream. Made the healthy way, of course! Here is my secret to making delicious ice cream with no added sugar or fat...

Simply take frozen fruit (I prefer either sliced up ripe bananas or peaches) and put it into your favorite blending appliance. This appliance needs to be able to really chop through frozen fruit. I prefer this little Food Network Mini Food Processor that I got from Kohl's. For one portion of fruit (i.e., 1 banana or peach frozen) you will add about 1-2 Tablespoons of skim milk or coconut milk or almond milk or whatever you prefer (you can add chocolate almond milk to the bananas - delicious!) and a dash of vanilla. Blend all of this until it is the consistency of soft serve ice cream. Add more liquid as needed.

You can add whatever you you want to count points for (or 0 points items like cocoa powder!) into your ice cream or on top of your ice cream. I just purchased peanut butter powder to add in with my banana ice cream. Mmmmmmm! Leave a comment and let me know what combination is your favorite.

This ice cream has ZERO points unless you add stuff w/points to it!


Twinmomwv said...

This is fantastic news! My baby, Squeaky, has a milk allergy which means no dairy for me. I know, its so sad. :( I use almond milk or flax milk when I want to have cold cereal. Now I can make some ice cream just for me!

Whit said...

It's really good. I made the banana with PB powder last night and it was SO good. My whole family eats it. :)

I love dairy - but on WW it seems difficult for me to get my servings in. I think I have a hard time counting points for it. Do you take a calcium supplement?

Twinmomwv said...

I do take calcium and am still taking prenatals too. I've always had a hard time spending points on milk but now that I can't have it, I crave it all the time!

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